In addition to Coaching I offer a variety of self confidence presentations to help you on your journey.

These have been carefully designed to help you improve your self image and self confidence.

The presentations are:

Know what your body is saying

What is your body telling other people?  Are you aware of the non verbal communication your body is displaying?  What secrets does your body reveal?  This fun and interesting presentation looks at non verbal communication.

Duration: 1 hour

Effective communication

Do you wonder why people do not seem to hear what you are truly saying?  Are you sometimes misunderstood and does this lead to you being frustrated?  Would you like to learn to how communicate more effectively?  Join me in this presentation that will make you more aware of the language you are using and it’s effectiveness.

Duration: 1 hour

How to be more confident

Do you wish you had more self confidence?  What do you need to do to be more confident?  In this presentation I will discuss ways to portray self confidence and suggestions on how you can improve your confidence.

Duration: 1 hour

Please check our calendar for upcoming presentations – if you do not see one listed that you would like to attend please contact me.

If you belong to an organization/group that invites speakers to attend meetings, please contact me to discuss my rates.